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We are a high-growth startup building software for SMEs.

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Job Role

We create all kinds of  web applications, mobile apps and software for SMEs. Our typical client is a business with extensive organizational systems, for example manufacturers.

We’re looking for new team members to work with us on either a part-time or full-time contract basis. Working hours are totally flexible and to be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

As a Mooloo developer, you will be expected to show a high level of independence and creativity, taking responsibility for either an entire build, or a substantial part of a build.

You will be expected to work within our frameworks, but we always welcome improvements and new ideas. Your input will always be valued and respected.

The ideal candidate will be friendly and driven, willing to work remotely from home whilst communicating with the team regularly, and keen to take challenges head on.

Please note, we have no offices and work with developers from all over the world.

Technical Ability

Competent with object-oriented Python (or other object-oriented language, with the drive to learn new syntax in a short space of time). Previous experience with the Django web framework is preferable, but not required.

Competent with HTML / CSS.

Competent with Javascript. Previous experience with JQuery and React.js frameworks are preferable, but not required.


We agree payment on a contract-by-contract basis, dependent on the skill and experience of the developer. All contracts contain a generous bonus scheme.

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